from by bBomit

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One good thing about Xmas is Jesus makes me horny. It's Xmas time don't gotta buy me shit. I'm Amish, so please pull out your dick. I'm horny, take of my stocking, It's winter, let's get to fokking, You don't gotta spend, to get me 'round the bend, you don't gotta buy to make me holler and cry, just show me your chest hairs guy.
Merry fucking Xmas, happy hannukah, lick me all over and take off my bra.
People are starving, while the rest of us are fat. Let's fuck for Africa and Chinese bats, that eat the mosquitos, that don't give you AIDS, so stick yr cock in my Lik M Aid.
Oh yes, just like the children, I'm gonna find your cock, with madness I will attend. You don't gotta spend to take me round the bend. I don't like red and green, but i am a sexual fiend. A beast in the sheets, I go all night. Sweet Jesus was horny, and to all a (non)silent night.
Oh yeah, spin my dreidel, drink my juice up with yr penis ladle. Oh yeah, gimme some coins, it's you I'm gonna boing on your mama's sweet springs. The sheets now have rings, of our collective cum stains. You gotta nice brain.
Baby Jesus if finger dancing again! (dance baby..dance baby).
Xmas is not enviro friendly. Now fucking take me around the bendy, mmm mmm yr ass as sweet as candy, it ain't no shandy, it make me so randy.
Mmm mmm slurp the gravy, you make me feel rapey, like getting fingered by Jesus' baby.
Ho ho ho fuck.


from BtrdedAlbumbum, track released August 29, 2015



all rights reserved



All beaters and wordz by bBomit

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