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(Come on people! Flip flops are strictly for the beach or shower.)


Flip flop have not cover your toe let nobody know where your foot fungus grow reap the lime disease you sow no no no no no no no...beware your toe hair grow.
We are not at the beach your toe no look like a peach keep your foot funk out of reach gonna sick you with a leech. No. Flip flop, when I hit you with it you go bop bop bop bop bop bop. Don't even think about Crocs. 'cause that's the foot socks that don't rock. Except for the people of Walmart, a foot cartoon but not Bart, who like to make da' foot fart?
Your feet are UGLY with a thong between your toe don't you know chunks on it I'll blow? You are not in the shower your feet don't smell like a flower so put some shoes on. You got less style than your mom. Me knows it's sa-rong but what's it called?
Flip flops an urban curse metros with a murse your feet should be a hearse. Oh no your hammerhead toe thinks it's ok because you are grey your digits to splay.
Flip flops cancel all tattoos for $3.99 you can get some Bi Way shoes for your next cruise.
I don't wanna see your feet in da club. No tank tops with scarves. I wanna grind your feet to blood. Oh no I see you on the street. This is a foot war beef. This is a foot'had. Declaring a foot wear war. Your toes are a whore.
And for those of you wearing Birkenstocks you can suck my yatzi cock.


from BtrdedAlbumbum, released September 26, 2015



all rights reserved



All beaters and wordz by bBomit

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