Raver Crystal (Gerbil) Poetry

from by bBomit

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Gerbil in my mouth-you think you got bounce-midgets all around-stomping on the ground. Elves and albinos and a ferret's vagino- at the Comfort Zone-boobs like cones. Beat the hippy with a stick if it dances let it stink. Give the Gino $3.99 to watch the hobos make a grind. (Gerbil-fari).

hhhhomosexuals getting technical pumping that fist to a K.D. Lang remix. E-tards with Hit Stix and Grandmas with new pix. Who's got the G? Do you know Tina? Ya, she's sucking bath salts with a Scarborough Gina.

Oh Tiesto you make myself wet-o. Taking it to the downtown station, who want's a rewind to help close my mind?

Stabapalooza, children with a soother. Run away from hugs, your dreads got bugs. Gonna break your wings, at Harvey's ordering Frings.

The Asians are pie eyed and your pants are tie dyed. It's doggie stomp 2000 the lizard people abounding.

"Mommy do those kids have feet?" " No dear, it's just extra pants material."- (as quoted at the Golden Griddle).

"Are you a fairy or an elf?" You gnawed through your self. Bad for your health. Matching Care Bear un-fun fur. Fanny goes grrrr.

It's a rave from the grave and we all get date raped with an underwear grape and a toe sucking ape. Oh no, Italian man I can see your thong inside your white pants.

No hoodies allowed. Germans make party. With corn in the food,you know it gon' get farty.


from BtrdedAlbumbum, released September 26, 2015



all rights reserved



All beaters and wordz by bBomit

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