Give a Baby a Job

from by bBomit

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We have so much plastic that now our kids are spastic pants held with elastic- go. We have so much oil cleaning lady toils hair bleached using foil -oh. You do so much coke that now you are broke yr penis statue's covered in bird shit -who farmed it? Your penis statue is covered in bird shit. Oh yes we're working so hard to pay your credit card to fill your butt with lard and hand it to the landlord. So close another school, another Etard drools, so we can give the troops another pair of BOOTS. Oh Ronald McWalmart you are the real leader, and what a great reader. Now you're selling meat-er? Money won't save you from diseases if you pleases. The war on bugs is a war on hugs. Give a baby a job or give it to a thug.
America is one giant couch for the baby Jesus to eat Doritos on. Ladies rise up! Ladies take charge. Pump that pussy out until the ladies live large. Pasty men in power in penis flesh towers, women, gays, and mentals rule the earth. But they give us only one smurf (ette) and we 'aint done yet, we haven't even started, a CEO in khakis just farted. The real housewives of the dumpsters want you to take away the pussy and see what they'd do.

The gays would rule we wouldn't need drug mules. Oh you're successful? You've got yourself a condo? Welcome to your own concrete bondage, forget it. Let's rid the earth of people, that wouldn't be so bad. Does god have 'nads? Gorillas be the bouncers and frogs the private dancer. The placental parking lot is full of snot. So what do you say, use a condom, or be more grey, and the whales may live and swim another day.


from BtrdedAlbumbum, track released September 12, 2015



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All beaters and wordz by bBomit

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