G'dam Michelina's!

from by bBomit

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"Michelina's again? God dammit!"


McKids clothes are groovy. Mac N Me a good movie. Punky Brewster grew big boobies. (Oh I like it hanging in my face). At the Galleria mall, a Portuguese man falls. He's from the Azores, on his hands he's got stigmata sores. Ginos shop for shoes in the discount store. Dollarama now sells wild boars along with $1 pregnancy tests for the whores. (Oh i like it hanging in my face). Make it legal at the Regal Beagle. Jack pretended he was gay, well he's in hell now anyway.
"I'm not drunk, I've got Cerebral Palsy", those were the words of Jerry, she is ballsy.Tell your girlfriend I said, thanks. Steven and Chris wearing Spanx. Moving forward let's follow best practices of practicing hand jobs, but we'll never do better than he can do for himself. Clown dolls on the shelf.
What does an American Girl Doll look like? Precious that's what! Precious at Pizza Hut. For the pizza time buffet. I can feel the fat warm under my face. Neighbours watch Family Guy enough to make me cry. It is a bad show. Makes mental retardation grow. Do the fish dance in your trance pants to an unusual cadence.
DJ Bobo? He's got no where to go. Unreturned letters from Jordy the Belgian baby star. The end is not far from the rejections bar.

Hicks are in and yuppies are out. So who know wears the pig snout? Boys are fancy on the outside, and there's too many children for this slip n' slide. Feed the lion a pogo, and he ain't got no pride.

I could shove your face in the pudding of desire..throw Jenn in the fire..you couldn't get higher than a hippy having past life regressions ..infections ..penile injections..shun..shun shun shun...

For those of you who did not join us for Take Back the Night, shame shame shame shame.


from BtrdedAlbumbum, released September 26, 2015



all rights reserved



All beaters and wordz by bBomit

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