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Balls balls balls, I'm living for the balls balls living for the balls balls.
The way they sweat and bounce for me balls balls balls.
BBBs so buoyant and so flouncy, so tasty and so bouncy.
I'll warm them like chestnuts by the fire. To warm you nuts on my chest is a desire.
You're balls are fun, some guys only have one. Yours are divine, cover me in your brine. It's balls time.
Put them in my cheeks, hopefully you're piqued, I live on balls street, I'll support them with my tongue, kids play with balls not guns.
Beautiful balls of a beautiful hunk cover me in the spunk of your golden saxophone, your balls they make me moan. I'd make a statue out of Styrofoam to please your balls god. Tea for this bag lady hog. I'm living for your balls.

I'm living for your balls. No shirt and overalls. Popping out Adidas pants. My tongue could start a rant and a rave all over your face with your spheres of sexual magic. It's fun to be a baggot and a lusty pew. Try me after one brew. Allez boules!
Lawn bowling in the dark, drink your semen for a lark. Hopefully you've got them boys. Don't drop the ball Anthony Michael Hall and Will Smith, a thespian's lisp, in bed with each other's balls.
Come on deck the halls with your wrecking balls. Tear down the shopping malls and the Uggs inside of them.

Yr balls are a good friend, poor eunuch Ken was deprived of jewelry on his wee. Inside his shorts, open up my port HOLE.
I'll place yr balls inside a bowl of Frankincense and fur. Make me flood like Big Sur.
Live by the balls, DIE BY THE BALLS. Nature's sack of joy, my all time favourite toy. Yr sterile? Atta boy, creamy white as soy.
Juggle them across my hand. You are a fucking real man.



from BtrdedAlbumbum, released September 26, 2015



all rights reserved



All beaters and wordz by bBomit

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