Back In Slime

from by bBomit

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We are going back in (slime) time...

Be thankful you can walk and sometimes use your cock. You could never hawk your imagination meat station. Be thankful for today, another day in the burning hell. 2014 we ain't doing so well- what no flying cars yet?

Instead we're going back in time our brains are growing plastic slime off your beliefs. Bad grief, is this 1614? You're so worried about aborting. Well, someone should have aborted you.

You worry much about other's genitalia you should focus on your azalias. Reading that old comic book without pictures on which you are hooked.
If you believe the world is only 6000 years old then you must still be a monkey. So give me back that Big Gulp it hasn't been invented yet. Jesus' sandals smell funky. Guess I'll have to use Pez for medicine cuz science is such a sexy sin. If Jesus loves kids so much then why'd he invent "the bad touch"?

Give the devil a little credit for sending us back in time- to revisit this bubonic plague in Walmart. You'll be living in empty food court.
Enjoy your never ending loop back in time. Oh look- I see Grunge-wear and bellbottoms and you dying of a new improved version of Cholera, that you catch at Dollarama.

Oh you don't want to pay tax? How revolutionary. Well cover me in tar and take me to your Jesus fairy. He can sprinkle me with his holy hose. Jesus wearing sweat shop clothes.

Life is so hip here in 1983. It's great to be a worker be. We are going back in time.


from BtrdedAlbumbum, released September 26, 2015
photo by Tony Thump



all rights reserved



All beaters and wordz by bBomit

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