by bBomit

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released September 26, 2015




all rights reserved



All beaters and wordz by bBomit

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Track Name: Message4daChildren
M.J., yeah, he has a good message for the children x 4
(He lives inside of you and me...he lives inside of where we wanna be...)

His message is: heal the world's kids, don't fear skids, life is what you make it. They stomped on his rat but he is coming back, rising from the dead to give children head-head above the rest-rest in peace. Make it a better place (with golden ambrosia).
Drink jesus juice, sleep inside the wall, your pyjamas will fall. Don't fear the reaper, at least he ain't a peeper. A man of unity, inside you and me. Now gimme some Reeses pieces to share with the war torn children who only have feces.
Jew me do me everybody sue me. Wop me, pop me, record label won't drop me? Honkey time. Line dance, fine. the latest drug is turpentine.
Some of Oprah's favourite things: chocolate, mac n' cheese, and lesbians.
Forever a child in bellbottoms, not hitting rock bottom, in the red leather jacket bargain bin.
Do you have the balls to do anesthetics for fun?
Track Name: Satan's Finger Dance
Under the bridge the bridge of hate with tempted fate you masturbate into a grate.
Under the bridge the bridge of hate corpses are burning. Hell butter churning. Tears you are spending. No grape tears are mending. Unto the gate the gate of hell flesh resolved to fouls' stench smell.
Welcome to hell I know you'll do well. Sleep in thy grave, while your soul's depraved.
Track Name: Toehad
Flip flop have not cover your toe let nobody know where your foot fungus grow reap the lime disease you sow no no no no no no no...beware your toe hair grow.
We are not at the beach your toe no look like a peach keep your foot funk out of reach gonna sick you with a leech. No. Flip flop, when I hit you with it you go bop bop bop bop bop bop. Don't even think about Crocs. 'cause that's the foot socks that don't rock. Except for the people of Walmart, a foot cartoon but not Bart, who like to make da' foot fart?
Your feet are UGLY with a thong between your toe don't you know chunks on it I'll blow? You are not in the shower your feet don't smell like a flower so put some shoes on. You got less style than your mom. Me knows it's sa-rong but what's it called?
Flip flops an urban curse metros with a murse your feet should be a hearse. Oh no your hammerhead toe thinks it's ok because you are grey your digits to splay.
Flip flops cancel all tattoos for $3.99 you can get some Bi Way shoes for your next cruise.
I don't wanna see your feet in da club. No tank tops with scarves. I wanna grind your feet to blood. Oh no I see you on the street. This is a foot war beef. This is a foot'had. Declaring a foot wear war. Your toes are a whore.
And for those of you wearing Birkenstocks you can suck my yatzi cock.
Track Name: Satan's Stink Hole
I see the majesty of death surrounding. Burning you piercing you. I know the hand of death is gripping time is slipping. Burning you killing you burning you and you too.
Like the lurker in black pants. Your rotting flesh begins to dance. I can see the festering of the vultures pestering yeah.
I feel the time of doom's upon us crushing you biting you searing you we're out of food.
Like the rapist in the park all you thoughts will turn to dark.
The earth will open up a hole meet thy satan we will go
eternally scarily.
Welcome to your life in hell you are now but a smell.
Track Name: BallsBawlsBallz
Balls balls balls, I'm living for the balls balls living for the balls balls.
The way they sweat and bounce for me balls balls balls.
BBBs so buoyant and so flouncy, so tasty and so bouncy.
I'll warm them like chestnuts by the fire. To warm you nuts on my chest is a desire.
You're balls are fun, some guys only have one. Yours are divine, cover me in your brine. It's balls time.
Put them in my cheeks, hopefully you're piqued, I live on balls street, I'll support them with my tongue, kids play with balls not guns.
Beautiful balls of a beautiful hunk cover me in the spunk of your golden saxophone, your balls they make me moan. I'd make a statue out of Styrofoam to please your balls god. Tea for this bag lady hog. I'm living for your balls.

I'm living for your balls. No shirt and overalls. Popping out Adidas pants. My tongue could start a rant and a rave all over your face with your spheres of sexual magic. It's fun to be a baggot and a lusty pew. Try me after one brew. Allez boules!
Lawn bowling in the dark, drink your semen for a lark. Hopefully you've got them boys. Don't drop the ball Anthony Michael Hall and Will Smith, a thespian's lisp, in bed with each other's balls.
Come on deck the halls with your wrecking balls. Tear down the shopping malls and the Uggs inside of them.

Yr balls are a good friend, poor eunuch Ken was deprived of jewelry on his wee. Inside his shorts, open up my port HOLE.
I'll place yr balls inside a bowl of Frankincense and fur. Make me flood like Big Sur.
Live by the balls, DIE BY THE BALLS. Nature's sack of joy, my all time favourite toy. Yr sterile? Atta boy, creamy white as soy.
Juggle them across my hand. You are a fucking real man.

Track Name: Satan's List
You're on the list you're on the list you're on the list Satan's list. You're on the list (Ha Ha) You're on the list (ha ha)Satan's list...

Deep in his armpit he hides the bad drivers who hit all the children drinking and driving. He keeps the priests who did all the diddling. Will you be next down inside heck?

Satan satan satan's list. S S Satan's pissed! Satan Satan satan's list....Saaaatan. Ha ha hahah beautiful...

Calling you up from the night is Satan bringing you into his closet? You are on his magic marker list to join his party in see you in hell. See you in hell. You're on his list ...On Satan's list..
Track Name: XmasFuckingInYrChildhoodBed
One good thing about Xmas is Jesus makes me horny. It's Xmas time don't gotta buy me shit. I'm Amish, so please pull out your dick. I'm horny, take of my stocking, It's winter, let's get to fokking, You don't gotta spend, to get me 'round the bend, you don't gotta buy to make me holler and cry, just show me your chest hairs guy.
Merry fucking Xmas, happy hannukah, lick me all over and take off my bra.
People are starving, while the rest of us are fat. Let's fuck for Africa and Chinese bats, that eat the mosquitos, that don't give you AIDS, so stick yr cock in my Lik M Aid.
Oh yes, just like the children, I'm gonna find your cock, with madness I will attend. You don't gotta spend to take me round the bend. I don't like red and green, but i am a sexual fiend. A beast in the sheets, I go all night. Sweet Jesus was horny, and to all a (non)silent night.
Oh yeah, spin my dreidel, drink my juice up with yr penis ladle. Oh yeah, gimme some coins, it's you I'm gonna boing on your mama's sweet springs. The sheets now have rings, of our collective cum stains. You gotta nice brain.
Baby Jesus if finger dancing again! (dance baby).
Xmas is not enviro friendly. Now fucking take me around the bendy, mmm mmm yr ass as sweet as candy, it ain't no shandy, it make me so randy.
Mmm mmm slurp the gravy, you make me feel rapey, like getting fingered by Jesus' baby.
Ho ho ho fuck.
Track Name: Get Me the Hell Out of Pooronto Canaduh (Satan #1)
Satan #1 if you want fun, and kicks and burning flesh, a human leather vest distress.
See you in the cave of deathly delights, your face will be Satan's uptight fright night light.
You will go to work, working everyday, Satan's bill to pay, on your bones he'll play.
You will make him laugh, do a sordid tap, on his stage in hell, 'til he's had his fill, all your guts to spill.
He will make you dance, you'r skull a ball he'll bounce.
It will be alright, play your lyre all night, at least he doesn't bite-much.
You will miss your mom, attracted to his song. Satan does no wrong, you knew all along.
He will make you food, he's a spicy dude. Charbrolin' in hell, kinda swell.
Everywhere you turn, Satan makes a burn, on yr searing skin, yr tat' for fellow kin.
Track Name: Give a Baby a Job
We have so much plastic that now our kids are spastic pants held with elastic- go. We have so much oil cleaning lady toils hair bleached using foil -oh. You do so much coke that now you are broke yr penis statue's covered in bird shit -who farmed it? Your penis statue is covered in bird shit. Oh yes we're working so hard to pay your credit card to fill your butt with lard and hand it to the landlord. So close another school, another Etard drools, so we can give the troops another pair of BOOTS. Oh Ronald McWalmart you are the real leader, and what a great reader. Now you're selling meat-er? Money won't save you from diseases if you pleases. The war on bugs is a war on hugs. Give a baby a job or give it to a thug.
America is one giant couch for the baby Jesus to eat Doritos on. Ladies rise up! Ladies take charge. Pump that pussy out until the ladies live large. Pasty men in power in penis flesh towers, women, gays, and mentals rule the earth. But they give us only one smurf (ette) and we 'aint done yet, we haven't even started, a CEO in khakis just farted. The real housewives of the dumpsters want you to take away the pussy and see what they'd do.

The gays would rule we wouldn't need drug mules. Oh you're successful? You've got yourself a condo? Welcome to your own concrete bondage, forget it. Let's rid the earth of people, that wouldn't be so bad. Does god have 'nads? Gorillas be the bouncers and frogs the private dancer. The placental parking lot is full of snot. So what do you say, use a condom, or be more grey, and the whales may live and swim another day.
Track Name: Inside Satan's Bindle
Pack up your hobo bindle your digits dwindle run away Satan's day on Satan's train.Satan's train go insane.deranged.. depraved..Satan's train.

Feed you with moonshine and dead boiled fish a holey hat and a washboard if you wish on Satan's train (yr depraved). Satan's train (yr. deranged)..

Hobos have adventure riding through the night have you chosen freedom or the rat faced life?

Behind every corner people say they're happy buying up plastic and a mountain made of nappies. Behind each desk is a life being squandered not happily fondled by Ronald McDonald. Onto thy United empire of credit card inject thy butt with lard a hobo's life for me.

Suicide is such a style ride the brown mile with Gomer Pyle. In the funeral pyre so sad Richard Pryor we miss you Michael Jackson. Track pants with traction. Too late too soon train rides on Silver Spoons. Cover up your poon nobody need a see that. Natalie Facts of Life phat.

Do you lick a dick a day? More like 13 on a good day. Brady Bunch dad AIDS. It's the hobo show and you all gotta go back to Ontario where the bums scuttle to and fro.

You're in charge with Large Marge. Come on ride the train and ride it. Choo choo all aboard. Hell is your eternal reward.

Satan's train go insane.
Track Name: Stopt Racissmus!
Angolans, Samoans, we playing trombonin'. We are all the same, we came from Africa.
I know it's a fright, to hear from painfully white, but I learned it from the BBC so please don't get offended.
Dutch, Flemish, Spanish, Tahitian, Laotian, Grecian, Peloponnesian. Labradorian, Mexifarian. We are all the same, we came from Africa.
So can't we be friends? Learn from the past, and shake the world's horny, rippling, revolting, crumbling, sweet, asss...We are all the same, we came from Africa.
Track Name: Telepathic Mind Rape
So many screens, so many queens, so much cream, work out to Teen Steam. Get yr crocks off of my cock,foreskin inside my hefty ziplock.

Oh god, not another sandal, keep your feet off my handle. You don't get no trophy for your athlete's foot. Give those flip flops the boot.

So many divas, hide away their beavers with a nazi strip landing, nothing left to grip but your beefy curtains, I see you been smurfin'.
Zumba, zumba, back and forth with a shoulder of pork.

B- btrded, and no I'm ain't sorry. I've been putting butter chicken in your yoga pants since 2000. Quit your internet browsing and say hi to a real person. Fuck my face and do a dance there's penis all around you.

So many yuppies. So many guppies swim through your brain. You think you're on Fame. Chop your beard she don't like it. Skirt she won't hike it, with pubes on a chin. A pederast grin. Lesbian's like gin and avocado wraps, nothing wrong with that.

B btrded, please don't get me started. Who sharted who sharted ?

I bad cuz I put some words together that sound so stupid and make you puke. I gonna make you hungover, on your eyes you gonna put 'cukes.
Me know me just ruined hip hop for you, and your mom, and your mom's dog's bong. Still it's a bit better than a crappy Celine Dion song.

B btrded and now I'm kinda sorry , I'm sorry I'm sorry...

So many rebels, so many pebbles. Your attitude does stink like an old taco chip, button your nip slip. B Btrded and now I'm kinda sorry, i'm sorry I'm sorry...

Fuck my face and do a dance there's penis all around you...I bad cuz I put some words together that sound so stupid and make you puke. I gonna make you hungover, on your eyes you gonna put 'cukes.
Me know me just ruined hip hop for you, and your mom, and your mom's dog's bong. Still it's a bit better than a Celine Dion bony crotch song.

B btrded, and no I ain't crappin' why'd you let this happen? I been putting chicken vindaloo in yer yoga shoe since 2002. ..
Track Name: Stababalloo
Hey everybody and go get your drugs. Hey everybody it's time to do drugs. Time for your drugs. Hey everybody go pull out your drugs. Hey everybody please share some of your drugs. Hey everybody be nice to your neighbours...Time to do drugs...Hey everybody share some of your drugggs.
Drugs (moderation) drugs (share some of your drugs). Time to do drugs.. Hey everybody and go get your drugs.
Track Name: L'il Fishsticks
Li'l fish stick in the garbage can I want to eat you cuz I'm a hungry man. l'il fish stick oh oh oh.

L'il Webster in the garbage can I want to eat you cuz you're a chocolate man l'il Webster oh oh oh.

He got so sick...(he got so sick) he got so sick- from the poison fish of stick, he got so sick ya...sick sick sick sick sick. x2

L'il bag lady in the garbage can I want to meet you can I shake your hand? Li'l bag lady oh oh oh.

L'il bag man in the garbage can I want to race you cuz yr face is tanned. L'il bag man oh oh oh.

He got so sick...

Punky what's wrong with you? Punky you're turning green and blue. Punky I'm coming to get you. Don't eat that fish stick it's not good for you!
Track Name: Not A Rav(ur next)
You are next to smell death. You are you are next you are next you are next you are next. Welcome to welcome to your own death welcome to death. Time for you and your bad breath. x2

Have you done all on your barf bucket list? Tried sex with a fist? You're on death's list. Lotto 669 there's no more time. Nothing is fine. Jump out that plane.Juggle with flames. No one to blame but your wasted brain. Do something now. Go hug a cow. Time is ending viruses blending. (Death). Soon you will be next. All dicks on the deck. For death death death death death.No more touching of breasts. No more chicken no more dickin' you won't even have a dick to touch.Make way for death...
Track Name: Back In Slime
We are going back in (slime) time...

Be thankful you can walk and sometimes use your cock. You could never hawk your imagination meat station. Be thankful for today, another day in the burning hell. 2014 we ain't doing so well- what no flying cars yet?

Instead we're going back in time our brains are growing plastic slime off your beliefs. Bad grief, is this 1614? You're so worried about aborting. Well, someone should have aborted you.

You worry much about other's genitalia you should focus on your azalias. Reading that old comic book without pictures on which you are hooked.
If you believe the world is only 6000 years old then you must still be a monkey. So give me back that Big Gulp it hasn't been invented yet. Jesus' sandals smell funky. Guess I'll have to use Pez for medicine cuz science is such a sexy sin. If Jesus loves kids so much then why'd he invent "the bad touch"?

Give the devil a little credit for sending us back in time- to revisit this bubonic plague in Walmart. You'll be living in empty food court.
Enjoy your never ending loop back in time. Oh look- I see Grunge-wear and bellbottoms and you dying of a new improved version of Cholera, that you catch at Dollarama.

Oh you don't want to pay tax? How revolutionary. Well cover me in tar and take me to your Jesus fairy. He can sprinkle me with his holy hose. Jesus wearing sweat shop clothes.

Life is so hip here in 1983. It's great to be a worker be. We are going back in time.
Track Name: G'dam Michelina's!
McKids clothes are groovy. Mac N Me a good movie. Punky Brewster grew big boobies. (Oh I like it hanging in my face). At the Galleria mall, a Portuguese man falls. He's from the Azores, on his hands he's got stigmata sores. Ginos shop for shoes in the discount store. Dollarama now sells wild boars along with $1 pregnancy tests for the whores. (Oh i like it hanging in my face). Make it legal at the Regal Beagle. Jack pretended he was gay, well he's in hell now anyway.
"I'm not drunk, I've got Cerebral Palsy", those were the words of Jerry, she is ballsy.Tell your girlfriend I said, thanks. Steven and Chris wearing Spanx. Moving forward let's follow best practices of practicing hand jobs, but we'll never do better than he can do for himself. Clown dolls on the shelf.
What does an American Girl Doll look like? Precious that's what! Precious at Pizza Hut. For the pizza time buffet. I can feel the fat warm under my face. Neighbours watch Family Guy enough to make me cry. It is a bad show. Makes mental retardation grow. Do the fish dance in your trance pants to an unusual cadence.
DJ Bobo? He's got no where to go. Unreturned letters from Jordy the Belgian baby star. The end is not far from the rejections bar.

Hicks are in and yuppies are out. So who know wears the pig snout? Boys are fancy on the outside, and there's too many children for this slip n' slide. Feed the lion a pogo, and he ain't got no pride.

I could shove your face in the pudding of desire..throw Jenn in the couldn't get higher than a hippy having past life regressions ..infections ..penile injections..shun..shun shun shun...

For those of you who did not join us for Take Back the Night, shame shame shame shame.
Track Name: Prenatal Yoga
Satan your only friend. Satan in the fire you'll bend. Satan down in your pit. Satan I'll feel your grip.

You've made me the man I am. You've made me the man I am. I'm going down down in the flaming pit of hell. Down down there's no where to return. Down down no butter to be churned.

It's hell the place I live in. It's hell the place I go. You're going down down in the bucket of hell. To the bucket of hell below.

If Satan's the friend I'm choosing, if hell's the place to go, I'm going down down to his sweet rodeo. Down down I go.

Satan I'm packing my bags. Satan won't you be glad? I'll be your man bride in the flames. The burning hell our favourite game.

You made me the whore I am. You made me the sore I am. I'm going down down to burning town. Down down wear Satan's hell crown.
Track Name: Raver Crystal (Gerbil) Poetry
Gerbil in my mouth-you think you got bounce-midgets all around-stomping on the ground. Elves and albinos and a ferret's vagino- at the Comfort Zone-boobs like cones. Beat the hippy with a stick if it dances let it stink. Give the Gino $3.99 to watch the hobos make a grind. (Gerbil-fari).

hhhhomosexuals getting technical pumping that fist to a K.D. Lang remix. E-tards with Hit Stix and Grandmas with new pix. Who's got the G? Do you know Tina? Ya, she's sucking bath salts with a Scarborough Gina.

Oh Tiesto you make myself wet-o. Taking it to the downtown station, who want's a rewind to help close my mind?

Stabapalooza, children with a soother. Run away from hugs, your dreads got bugs. Gonna break your wings, at Harvey's ordering Frings.

The Asians are pie eyed and your pants are tie dyed. It's doggie stomp 2000 the lizard people abounding.

"Mommy do those kids have feet?" " No dear, it's just extra pants material."- (as quoted at the Golden Griddle).

"Are you a fairy or an elf?" You gnawed through your self. Bad for your health. Matching Care Bear un-fun fur. Fanny goes grrrr.

It's a rave from the grave and we all get date raped with an underwear grape and a toe sucking ape. Oh no, Italian man I can see your thong inside your white pants.

No hoodies allowed. Germans make party. With corn in the food,you know it gon' get farty.
Track Name: Barry Brown Super Star
America no teeth. America beef infused wreath to mark a grave on top of today, drive your car on top of some SARS. Come on people work some more you're almost reaching the level of poor. We don't need no stinking health cuz Jesus takes care of him self by eating smelt. No I don't like science. But I do like magic flying lions.(Science I don't like you). Jesus probably doesn't love you cuz you haven't won the lottery yet, but there are angels don't you fret.
Oh we've got angels, take care of park rangers, in a jizz filled manger. Oh we've got angels take care of park rangers.

Jesus only loves you on Friday. Cuz that's the day you get your sandwich done my way.
Track Name: DrunkNGay
I'm drunk ....and I'm gay.

I like to eat food every day.

Fuck it. What can I say? I'm drunk and I'm gay.
Track Name: Satan's Hotpocket
Down in the tunnel of death's despair you will find Satan there. x2

Down in the tunnel of hate. Down going down you better not test your fate. Bladed hand masturbate. Evil ingrate. Down the tunnel we go.

Satan your plans are mine. You're looking mighty fine. Your blood becomes my wine. Ain't your tit divine? Your blood is my wine, your tit is divine, down the tunnel we go...

Down in the tunnel of death's despair you will find Satan there. Satan lives in you and me. Evilness is the key. Satan is a real fun guy. Come on and give Satan a try.
Track Name: Poon Saloon
Wh'ya say? Even penguins be jealous? How you go? Too many honky's got the's ugly. Where ya' at? He make it get fat? Go get down, nothing wrong with brown town. Get funky.

Bumbaclat. You don't need to control who goes in the hole. You jealous?
Track Name: Hug An African Baby
Oh why? If you're such a great guy, why, you leave the African babies to cry, smothered by Sally Struthers? Oh my. Nonsense, you are spreading nonsense. About the magical ghost man thing person in the sky who leaves the African babies to cry. You don't care about them, put a big cross on them, think it's good enough medicine for sick and dying kids. Hugs, I'd give so many hugs, hugs, and a net for bugs.
Track Name: Meat Cream
Rhyme all the time about guns and pussy money and wiggers. Ha Ha Ha. How original you 'aint aboriginal to that part of town. Wear the pants of a clown. Extoling the virtues of several church pews that won't even invite you with guns and pussy money and wiggas. Surely there are better words to behold. Those ones growing mould. Your dictionary fold beckons you to your mamma be true. Put down the guns and eat pussy wigger fool. It will bring you life's jewels a lesson they don't teach in school. Do a tongue jigga like a meth using wigga. Celebrate the ladies they gave you life now go get ripe now put down the knife go to town while chowing down. She will grip your microphone world peace will happen when we bone.
Track Name: HeJustWants2LoveOnU
It's rock n roll disco time bring yr mom and dad and have a really good time. Rocking rockin' rockin' disco time...
Track Name: Get Your Bouzouki Away From Me
No more bacon. No more bacon. What would you do when there's no more brunch? I've got a hunch you'll eat weeds for lunch. Where will you be when there's no more bees? You'll have to drink pee. Get on your knees. Get on your knees and suck it. Put your debit card in your pussy and fuck it.
Blow up the Loblaws store. President's choice to be a whore. They killed the babies in Bangladesh I guess. They pay the farmers .3 cents. Eenie miney moe shopping we will go. Mutations we will sow. Everybody double down on your pestilent crown. Eat your injected tomatoes artisanal hate filled woes.
No more bacon. No more cheese for grating. No more bacon. You guessed was EATEN BY SATAN.